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CWTS Journal Indicators is produced by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University. CWTS B.V., a company affiliated to CWTS and owned by Leiden University, offers a range of services for research evaluation and strategic decision making to universities and other research organizations. This also includes bibliometric indicators similar to those offered by CWTS Journal Indicators. The services offered by CWTS B.V. are organized into three categories: evidence, insights, and learning.


CWTS B.V. provides evidence in the form of bibliometric indicators. Our tailor-made study design makes it possible to perform analyses at the level of disciplines, research fields, and organizational units. We offer a broad range of analytical dimensions based on the various interconnected data sources to which we have access.


CWTS B.V. provides insights using powerful data science techniques including text mining, network analysis, and interactive network visualization. Using these techniques, we perform customized bibliometric analyses for strategic purposes. Our analyses make extensive use of tools and algorithms developed by researchers at CWTS, such as the VOSviewer software for bibliometric visualization.


CWTS B.V. offers a range of services that facilitate organizational learning and strategic policy development in a research management context. This includes the evaluative inquiry methodology, which provides a comprehensive approach to supporting research organizations in evaluating their work.